How it works

Booking Shoots

Booking Shoots

book shoots worldwide.

Ready to book a shoot? Click the “book” button on a vendor’s profile to lock them in for an upcoming shoot. From there, you can enter all of your shoot notes to ensure the vendor knows all of the upcoming details!

Thousands of Qualified Vendors

Spend less time hunting for a crew, and more time on your shoot. CrewMama has the most qualified local vendors for your shoot needs. From makeup artists to experienced DPs to audio operators and still photographers and more...

Easy Communication

Our Production Coordinators have been booking shoots for over 10 years. With experience and industry knowledge, we have streamlined the communication process to ensure your shoot runs accurately and smoothly. Use our concierge service to book and manage your shoot for you or use the site and build and book your own shoot. Either way, Mama's gonna help you.

Save Your Preferred Contacts

Whether it’s your personal contact list, or a new vendor. You can now easily save your preferred vendors and book them with ease for upcoming shoots!

Rating System

Our ratings system allows you to rate vendors to help them populate in your preferred order. Do you really like working with someone? Give them 5-stars to have them populate at the top of your feed!

Getting Shoots

Profile Creation

Getting shoots is easy. All you need to do is create a profile for Producers to find you based on crew position and location. From there you can add all kinds of useful info to your profile to make you shine.

Raising a Hand Feature

Crew Mama books over 10,000 positions a year. That's a lot of shoots! Ready to get in on the action? Use our Gig Finder tab to see a live stream of our open crew positions. If something catches your eye, click the "raise your hand" button to let our crew mama reps know that you're available and interested.

Enhanced Profiles

Are you a jack of all trades? Own a ton of equipment or cover a lot of ground? If so, an enhanced profile is for you. Upgrading your profile allows you to add multiple roles, gear and locations to your profile. It will also populate your profile towards the top of searches for your skillset in your area

Elite Status

Sign up for Elite Status and stand out from the pact with an Elite badge. A Elite badge means a crew mama rep has confirmed that a vendor has the equipment and experience listed on their profile. Client referrals and experiences is also authenticated. You'll also get all the added benefits of the enhanced profile.

Get Shoots

Our Clients

From major production groups to staffing agencies

At Crew Mama, we like to boast about our clients and our vendors. Not only do we work with the most elite crews in the industry, but we book shoots with the best clients in the business. Over the last year we booked over 6,000 successful shoots from clients like Discovery, ESPN, E! News, Comcast, United Airlines and more!

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