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From beginning booking to final billing of the crew to the client. One invoice that allows everyone to work smarter, not harder, with an end to end cloud based solution for booking, crewing, managing and invoicing your gigs.

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We are the ultimate crewing app for the production world. We help you find the best crew members for the shoot, every time.

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Get shoots! Post shoots! We think Good people should get good work and good workers. List, Connect and Manage Passionate and Consistent creatives and their projects here. CrewMama loves your shoot.

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Your interactive call sheet keeps your crews updated by the minute. No other software packs as much punch in reel time.

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The Ultimate Crewing Software for the Production World!

The best teams should work together and it should be easy every time.

Crew Directory

Find and be found.

This is a current list of people that are actively working in the industry. If you’re not on here, you should be. Staff Production Coordinators use this database exclusively for some companies.

Be part of an active list of vendors for key crew positions that you can book directly or have a staff production coordinator work with you. Our coordinator / managers are experts. This isn’t a call center.

Gig Finder

One day to everyday.

The ultimate crewing App for the production world. Whether it’s a one day gig or your dream job, we can help you find the best crew members for shoots, everytime.

shoot management/call sheet

Booking crews and managing your shoot should be the easy part.

For the first time, one piece of software manages the process from the request for work to the request for payment.


Keeping track of your shoots in one place is essential.

We provide the contact and the calendar. With no downloads or plugins required, you can keep your shoot in the cloud so you can keep your feet on the ground and access it from anywhere. Each client and crew uses text and magic links to access your shoot at a moment’s notice.

Pay & get paid

Your one stop shop from booking to billing to payment.

We’re part of the transaction the entire time. You don’t have to worry about receiving payment. This allows you to focus on your shoot.

Are you a Crew Member looking for more work?

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Over 10,000 crew members throughout the United States have created profiles on CrewMama and are booking more shoots. Showcase your skillset and get in front of the right producers and bookers!

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How it works:

Tired of losing your production contacts or not being able to find reliable crew members easily? CrewMama is the most powerful and accessible CRM for the production community. The best part? This directory allows producers and bookers to find local vetted crews that match your production needs.