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  • Listed in the Crew Directory
  • Add up-to 2 positions
  • Add up-to 2 cities
  • Add up-to 4 equipment listings
  • Unlimited gig applications
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Elite Status

Billed annually
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"I registered just to see what kind of response I would get. Immediately I got two hits from a legitimate company and booked on a shoot!"

Kari Koerper

Hair & Makeup Artist
Los Angeles, CA

“First time getting booked & paid from Crew Mama & it couldn't have gone smoother."

Alex Lopez

Director of Photography
San Francisco, CA

“Incredible service and folks behind it! Pro all the way around."

Justin Balog

Director of Photography
Denver, CO
Additional Information
Basic Profile
Creating a Basic Profile on our platform is the first step to start getting booked for shoots. It is completely free and provides you with the opportunity to list your two preferred positions and  cities you are located in. Additionally, you can showcase up to four pieces of gear that you own, helping potential clients get a better understanding of your skills and equipment. By having a Basic Profile, you can increase your visibility to potential clients in your area.
Enhanced Profile
An Enhanced Profile offers a more comprehensive representation of your skills and abilities. This profile tier allows you to list up to 5 positions and 5 cities, providing a wider reach for potential clients. You also have the ability to list an unlimited amount of gear, demonstrating your professional capabilities. The Enhanced Profile also transforms your profile into a portfolio view, providing a dynamic and visually appealing display of your work. You can add your video reel, photo library, and client list, allowing clients to get a better understanding of your skills and experience.

Elite Status
Elite Status is the highest profile tier on our platform and is designed for the most experienced and professional individuals in the industry. It offers all the benefits of an Enhanced Profile. To qualify for Elite Status, you must first be vetted by a crew mama representative. This ensures that only the best and most qualified individuals receive the Elite Status badge on their profile. If accepted, you will have access to exclusive opportunities and increased visibility to potential clients, setting yourself apart as a top professional in the industry.

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Will my subscription automatically renew?

Yes, your subscription will renew automatically according to your pay period.

Which profile tier is right for me?

If you do not have a profile, start by creating one! From there, most people choose to upgrade to the Enhanced option. However, if you have been in this industry for a while and consider yourself elite, consider applying to our Elite Status.

I do not remember my password!

Click on "Forgot login" to receive a 4 digit code via text message.

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Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, just email with a request to cancel.

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