How it works

Step One

Create A Profile

Welcome to the starting point of your journey! To increase your chances of being discovered by bookers on Crew Mama, it's crucial to create a compelling profile. Maximizing the details you provide will greatly benefit you in appearing prominently in search results. Remember to include important information like your name, contact details, professional positions, local cities, and the equipment you possess. By presenting a comprehensive profile, you'll enhance your visibility and attract the attention of potential bookers looking for talented individuals like you. Let's get started and make your mark on Crew Mama!

Step TWO

Raise your hand for gigs

Now that you've created your profile, it's time to seize exciting opportunities by utilizing our Gig Finder. This cutting-edge tool is specifically designed to help freelancers fill their calendars with desirable shoots. When you come across a shoot that catches your interest, simply raise your hand to express your intent. By doing so, an application containing your profile will be promptly sent to the booker. It's never been easier to apply for gigs and showcase your talent. Take advantage of the Gig Finder and unlock a world of possibilities for your freelance career.

Step Three

Go to work!

Once you've nailed down a shoot, it's time to do your thing and show off your talent! After you wrap up the job, you'll be paid for your hard work through good ol' direct deposit, thanks to the magic of Stripe technology. No fuss, no hassle. We've made the whole process simple, so you can focus on what you love doing while we take care of getting your well-deserved payment straight to your bank account. Easy peasy!

Step one

Create A Profile

Building a profile is required before you can start finding shoots. You can get started with a basic profile for free! In order to optimize your experience, you need to fill out all necessary information:
• Profile picture
• Contact information (Name, mobile number, and email address)
• Positions
• Local cities
• Owned equipment
• Vehicle

step two

Raise Your Hand For Gigs

The Gig Finder was created to simplify the job search process for crew members. With this feature, finding your next job is easier and more effective. All you have to do is "Raise Your Hand", and your information will be sent to the booker. This streamlines the hiring process and ensures that you have the best chance of getting hired.

Once a position has been filled, it is automatically removed from the site, making it easy to stay up-to-date with the latest job opportunities. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, the Gig Finder is here to help you find your next gig.