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Filming Super Tuesday and Presidential Rallies | Crew Mama - Blog | Happy Super Tuesday, y’all! Today is solely dedicated to a bunch of different elections in the United States. Have you ever thought of what it is like to be a cameraman on Super Tuesday or at any political event for that matter? Well, it is not an easy job -- But if you’re up for the task, it can be a very rewarding experience.Crew Mama has camera crews who are helping capture rallies, attempting to get great coverage! This task can be extremely difficult because there are so many other media people in the same space trying to get the same sound bite and shot as you. However, our cameramen are vetted and prepared to get the job done! Props to them (and us, for finding them)!

Filming Super Tuesday and Presidential Rallies |

Space? Doesn’t Exist.

If you are a cameraman and are about to cover a political event, go in with the understanding that you will more than likely have absolutely zero personal space. In fact, we are just going to spell out that you will not have your own area. With this in mind, we recommend keeping the equipment limited. Do not bring a tripod or a lot of gear. We recommend just bringing your camera, lenses, a shoulder rig, and mobile audio equipment. That way you can move and groove at any moment with all of your belongings.

Filming Super Tuesday and Presidential Rallies

Competition is High on Super Tuesday!

Bring your A-game for this day! Super Tuesday is extremely competitive when trying to capture footage. Every other cameraman wants to get the exact same video as you, with high-quality. Clearly, this is a difficult task in a small area, also when you have no room to move! So, you need to somewhat fight for the best spot. No, do not punch the cameraman in front of you. We are not saying that! Just try to get to the front calmly and nicely! Pro Tip: If you need some advantage, you can try lifting the camera over the crowd to get your shot, just make sure you don’t drop it (that’s an expensive “oops”).One other tip Crew Mama has is to simply make friends! If you make friends with the other cameramen, then you could all switch spots to ensure you all get great coverage! You can also have a chance to connect with other people in the industry while you are potentially waiting for a while between speeches. What’s not to love about new connections?

Filming Super Tuesday and Presidential Rallies

We hope that you have a great experience if you are a cameraman at Super Tuesday or at any other campaign event! If you ever need a video camera crew, give Crew Mama a call!