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How Helps You Book a Crew | Crew Mama | Blog - Did you know that a group of awesome developers created the equivalent of a dating app, but for video production crew members? Okay not really, but kind of! allows you to choose from a video production crew directory and book anyone you see on there! Say you are shooting in Chicago and need a crew of 10 people, you can go ahead and book them directly on

How Helps You Book a Crew

Who Can You Book on has every person from a production crew that you would need, from cameramen to a makeup artist. Not to mention, you get to choose from 4843 people! Yes, lots of options! We know it can be hard to narrow down your search option with that many people. However, Crew Mama made different search criteria to make it easier for you!

How to Work…’s platform is actually very easy to use, so please do not be intimidated by the number of people you can book, rather we hope that excites you! When you get on the website all of the people will be available. Then, you can enter exactly what you are looking for, so you can narrow down your search. You can search for a specific person by looking up their name, or you can search for a location, position or equipment.

How Helps You Book a Crew

All of the employees listed on are professionals and extremely skilled in their positions! We always want to provide you with the best production crews when you are shooting. If the platform is just not your style, feel free to just give us a call instead! Either way, we will find you a great video production crew!