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How to Avoid Shooting in Direct Sunlight | Crew Mama | Blog - Do you ever go outside to take a couple of shots for your video, but then go right back inside and postpone shooting your video because of the sun? As video producers, Crew Mama totally understands this struggle and know how annoying it can be! We have some tips for you on how to avoid shooting in direct sunlight, so now you won’t have to postpone making your video!

How to Avoid Shooting in Direct Sunlight

Improvise Shade in Direct Sunlight

Can you not find a shaded area? Well, this is when you need to get creative when shooting in direct sunlight! Yes, you actually have to move some stuff around. No, this will not break your nails, you can do this. Just take anything you have that you think will help create a shaded area! Possibly you have an umbrella with you? A blanket or towel? We all have strange items in our cars, so work with that you have!

Choose a Different Location

Instead of going back into your house, postponing the shoot and putting on Netflix, just move to another location! Were you attempting to shoot in a wide-open area of direct sunlight with no shade insight? Pack up your stuff and head to a park! You know and we know that parks have a lot of trees, so thankfully you have lots of shaded areas to choose from.

How to Avoid Shooting in Direct Sunlight

Filters Are Our Friends

Cmon, just admit it, filters are amazing. For shooting videos, editing your videos and pictures, and especially for that new Instagram picture, you’re about to post. Well, when attempting to avoid shooting in direct sunlight, you can put a filter on to help. You could use a natural density filter or a polarizing filter. We hope that all of these tips help you when you are shooting in direct sunlight! Crew Mama understands the struggle! If you ever need a video production crew who are professionals in direct sunlight, give us a call!