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Live Streaming Content | Crew Mama | Blog - Seriously, y’all live streaming is going to be super crucial for video production companies right now. Honestly, not even video production, but a lot of companies. Pretty much everyone is working remotely, but they still have to produce content for their followers. How exactly does everyone plan to do this? Well, we are not sure how it will work for every company, but our plan is to really utilize live streaming right now! Keep reading to better learn how it all works.

live streaming content


Are you thinking to yourself, what do I need to make live-stream content? Well, really not much at all! You could simply just use your phone, but there are much better ways to create higher quality videos. Again though, your phone can get the job done if that is all you have for right now, which is totally okay! For higher-quality live streaming videos, we recommend using your computer, camera, microphone, and if you want to get really crazy, software. Using these will help boost your sound, image, and overall just better quality. Also, LiveU products are amazing for easily attaching to your camera to create insane quality! They can create a reliable connection anywhere in the world, so major brownie points to LiveU! If you are live streaming from a location with others but are concerned about your exposure to coronavirus, use a boom pole, so you can capture audio without potential risk.

live streaming content

Sharing Your Live Stream

This is really not difficult because it is all in real-time, hence why it is called live streaming. Simply log into your platforms and begin streaming using your preferred equipment. Crew Mama will be using web/standalone cameras, boom poles, LiveU products and more. We are just trying to continue giving our clients great content while keeping a distance! Social distancing is so important right now, so we do not continue to spread this virus.We urge everyone to emerge into live streaming during this time of working from home. Crew Mama will remain to provide our clients with video production crews, but practicing major safety measures. If you need a video crew, give us a call! We are here for you!