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Making Your Own Green Screen | Crew Mama | Blog - Do you need a green screen, but don’t have the money to pay for one right now? Lots of people have been in your shoes and have found their own ways around that hefty price tag. Well, Crew Mama is here to help you and has lots of tips for making your own green screen! Time to put those hands to use.

For The Lazy Individual:

Are you too lazy to actually make your own green screen? Be honest with yourself. Some of us are in the same boat as you! If that is the case, Amazon actually has a super affordable, under $20 green screen available for purchase! Sure, it is nothing fancy because it is literally just green non-woven fabric, but it will get the job done!

For The DIY Lover:

Are you the kind of person that loves to make everything? For example, during the holidays you make your own wreath for the front door? Great, this is totally for you then! We are going to share with you exactly how to make your own green screen!

Making Your Own Green Screen

One: Head to Michael’s

If you don’t already know what Michael’s is, it is a craft store! You can choose any craft store you want or we are sure Walmart has these items as well. Once you get there, you need to pick out a fabric for your green screen. We recommend one that is quite heavy with nice material. Remember, this is a huge part when making your video, so choose wisely!

Two: Channel Your Old Woman Vibes

Back in the 16th century is when people started using clotheslines and clothespins to dry their laundry. Well, you are about to purchase some clotheslines and clothespins as well, so just channel that energy, so you really play the part. You need clotheslines and clothespins for hanging your green screen! You could also get command strips, but that is pretty boring.

Making Your Own Green Screen

Three: Put it All Together

Once you have your fabric, the clotheslines, and the clothespins, you are ready to go! You might need to cut the fabric to work properly, but that should not be too difficult. Then, just hang the green screen on the clothesline with one or two pins on both sides! See, that wasn’t so bad, right? Making your own green screen really isn’t that difficult and will save you a lot of money on projects where they are needed! If you ever need a video production crew, give Crew Mama a call!