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Must-Read Video Production Blogs | Crew Mama - Blog | Needing to find some #productiongoals inspo lately? If you’re in the video production industry, you know how important it is to keep up to date on the latest trends going on in the world. Some changes to the industry may be drastic, yet some may be too small to notice! We suggest keeping your eye peeled on video production blogs that will help you stay in the loop. We’ve created a guide on some of the best video production blogs to read on the daily. Check it out!

Crew Mama

We couldn’t write a blog on the best video production blogs in the industry and not include ourselves. Over at Crew Mama, we are industry experts and we want to share our expertise with you! We work with camera crews, makeup artists, audio operators and video editors on a daily basis, so we’ve got your back when it comes to giving you the best tips. We talk to all of our crews to get our readers the most informative blogs on a daily basis!

Filmmaker Magazine

Not only does Filmmaker Magazine keep you updated on the world of video production, but they go beyond that and bring you into the world of film. With this blog, you’ll get daily industry updates of film events and festivals as well reviews and cinema camera news. This blog is an excellent and very reliable resource to keep you very aware of the ever changing nature of this industry.

The Beat

With content that is comprehensive of the video production and film industry, PremiumBeat offers insight into the world of cinematography, video editing, motion design, color grading, and everything pre to post-production. The website is updated with blogs daily and each article is organized based on what the topic is. The best part is that the blogs are written by a variety of contributors. This way, readers are getting the chance to hear from various different people.


ProductionHUB is chock-full of insightful and informative articles that come straight from film professionals from across the world. The topics vary greatly from indie film festival news, to tips on the best equipment to use. With around three blogs posted to their site a week, this website shares tips, how to’s, interviews and so much more about the film and video production industry. In the video production world, staying up to date is a necessity. One way that Crew Mama suggests that you do that, is by checking up on some of the prominent blogs in the industry. We hope our list has been helpful and that you’ll check out these blogs in the future!

Must-Read Video Production Blogs | Crew Mama - Blog

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