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Preparing for a Video Shoot | Crew Mama | Blog - Are you about to book a shoot? We have some tips for you, such as having a vision for your client’s video shoot! Obviously, you want their video to be exactly how they imagined it, but that is hard to do without a vision. Crew Mama wants you to achieve your client’s goals for the video, just as much as you want to, so we are going to help you!

Be on the Same Page

If you are on two different pages, there is no hope for achieving your client’s vision for the video shoot. We recommend creating an outline and sharing it back and forth while both parties edit it. This way, both of you can come to a common ground on making their video exactly how they imagined it.

Preparing for a Video Shoot

Being Realistic While Preparing for a Video Shoot!

Reality? Count us out. Just kidding, kind of. On a serious note, sometimes clients can be unrealistic with their vision for the video shoot. Unfortunately, you have to be the bad guy and relay the news that they cannot have real fireworks in their house. You could offer great alternatives though, so they are still happy with the video… perhaps, use After Effects to throw in some fireworks.

Preparing for a Video Shoot

Bueller, Bueller?

So, you are at the video shoot and they are not. This can be very frustrating and feel like your time is not appreciated. Also, it can cost lots of money to get a whole crew to the shoot location because their time costs money. To ensure this does not happen, simply communicate with the client and commit to a certain time and day.

Discuss Payment Before the Video Shoot!

Crew Mama totally understands that money can be an awkward topic, but you just have to rip the band-aid off and talk about it! We highly suggest talking about the payment before even booking the video shoot. If this is a first time client, make sure they put down some money first, then pay the rest once the shoot has finished. If you have worked with the client before, then they could pay after the shoot since you know they are trustworthy! We hope these suggestions help you prepare for a shoot! They definitely have helped us. If you ever need a crew, give Crew Mama a call!