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Staying Safe At a Dangerous Location Shoot | Crew Mama | Blog - Do you ever fear for your life when you’re behind the camera? We know it is slightly odd for the cameraman to feel in danger, but it does happen! If you are shooting at a dangerous location, Crew Mama wants you to stay safe, so continue reading to learn our tips!

You Can Say No…

Before we even get to the part where you are shooting at a dangerous location, just know you can say no if it makes you too uncomfortable! Everyone has their point where they just need to say no and that is understandable. Never regret saying no if your safety is in serious question.

Staying Safe At a Dangerous Location Shoot

However, if you are an adrenaline junkie, daredevil, or just all about the work grind, continue reading!

The Buddy System…

You probably have not heard the words buddy system, since your childhood summer camp. Are we bringing back trauma? We apologize. On a serious note, never go alone to a dangerous shooting location! Bring a friend with you. The last thing you want is to be all alone in a scary place and have nobody with you.

Get Your Shots…

Stay updated on every single shot you need! Picture this: you are at an abandoned warehouse for some crazy, cool video shoot, but you trip on a stick and fall and your hand lands on rusted metal. Are you panicking that you do not have a tetanus shot? Most likely! So, just get your shots, people. Also, make sure you avoid wild animals in case of rabies, do not approach ever!

Staying Safe At a Dangerous Location Shoot

Trust Yourself!

If something feels off, that is most likely because something actually is off! Just leave and find somewhere else to shoot. Never risk your safety just to get a cool video shot. There are other places to shoot, but there won’t be if you are in danger! So, just get out of there. Also, if you are in a rush just leave your belongings and save yourself. Equipment is replaceable, but your safety is not!Please take our advice and be extremely careful when you decide to shoot at dangerous locations. Always keep in mind that your safety is the most important thing. Stay safe! If you ever need a crew, Crew Mama is ready to take the risk! Give us a call!