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Tips for Shooting a Film by Yourself | Crew Mama | Blog - Are you a videographer? Do you ever film shoots by yourself? Well, we know that this is not an easy task because you are only one person! A lot of times when videographers film shoots by themselves they became a bit overwhelmed because it is a serious amount of work for a one man band! Crew Mama has shot films solo before and came up with a couple of tips for when you are taking on this brave opportunity!

Tips for Shooting a Film by Yourself

Be Prepared For Shooting a Film

This goes for all shoots even if you are with other people, but especially for this one. Usually, you can rely on the other cameramen to bring some equipment or they have back-up lenses, cameras and more if you forget. However, at this gig, you need to have absolutely everything with you on-hand and ready to go! We recommend creating a very thorough list of all the equipment and tools that you need to pack, then scratch them off once they are packed. Crew Mama knows this is old school, but it works. Also, charge everything a couple of days before and even the night before, so nothing is out of battery when shooting the film.

Set-up Early

Arrive early to shoot the film, so you can start setting up. Leave yourself lots of time to get all of your equipment ready for action. Setting up your gear can be challenging and timely, so don’t leave at the last minute because you will most likely have to push back the time of the actual shoot then.

Tips for Shooting a Film by Yourself

Labels, Labels, Labels

If you didn’t understand the need for labels yet, please try to understand! Go get stickers and label all of your gear properly. This way you know where everything is and which bag it is in. We want you to picture yourself scrambling through your stuff trying to find all your gear. Now, picture yourself with labels. Go get the labels!Best of luck on your solo shoot! You got this. If you ever need a video camera crew, give us a call.