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Tips For Shooting at a Fashion Show | Crew Mama | Blog - Are you one of the lucky photographers/videographers that gets to shoot at a fashion show? We love it when Crew Mama gets the opportunity to shoot at fashion shows because we love seeing all the new designer collections! Drooling already. However, we do know that this can be an extremely stressful event to work at. Everyone is under a lot of pressure to capture the models looks in such a short amount of time. Below are a couple of tips for shooting at fashion shows!

Tips for Shooting at a Fashion Show

Study the Night Before…

Channel your college all-nighter life and start studying! You need to know who you are shooting, which collection, the designer, and the models. Yes, you are not a critic, but being a photographer/videographer is a huge role in fashion shows, so you should know this information. You just might find yourself enjoying learning everything! Also, you must make sure you have everything packed and fully charged the night before the show. Don’t just double-check, check five more times after that. Pack extra lenses and memory cards!

Arrive Early to The Fashion Show

We feel that this tip applies to anything you are doing in life, but especially at this kind of event! If you have the ability to arrive early, definitely do so! This allows you to find the perfect area for you to shoot and have first dibs. There are going to be a lot of photographers going after the same shoot spot. So, avoid competition by getting there first. Also, when you scout out your location, keep in mind when you are getting the model’s shot, you want the background to be just as aesthetically pleasing.

Tips for Shooting at a Fashion Show

Set Your Focus

This part is crucial for shooting at a fashion show! You can put on autofocus, so that way your camera is always on it, but still you need to ensure you’re in proper focus. Most photographers are in portrait mode the entire time. This usually is the best way to capture the model’s entire look. Hopefully, these tips will be beneficial to you for shooting at a fashion show! If you need a crew for a fashion show, give us a call!