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Top 5 Inspiring Instagram Accounts | Crew Mama | Blog - Are you looking for inspiration in the field of video production? Everyone needs a boost of inspiration or creativity at times! Crew Mama has found five inspiring Instagram accounts that will help you in your rut! Most importantly, they are going to get your creative juices flowing!


Film School has all the drooling worthy camera photos! If you don’t trust us, trust the 590,000 followers. This account features mainly production gear, but they also have their own podcast! Yes, we just said podcast. Are you searching for their Instagram now? If not, it is in your best interest to start searching.

Top 5 Inspiring Instagram Accounts


Shreditors brought their A-game to their Instagram feed. They are not messing around! In 2015, they were recognized for being the number one photography and film community. So, they are a pretty big deal, we guess? Just kidding, obviously, they are a huge deal! That is such an honor to receive that title and we are totally here for watching them continue to flourish. Their feed is so aesthetic. Can you tell we idolize them a bit? Go check out their Instagram page!


We are still laughing at their Instagram post of the kid holding a stool over his head, but pretending like he is a pilot of a helicopter. They totally killed the whole low budget situation! You absolutely have to check this out. Also, if you struggle with not having a lot of funds, Indie Filmmakers has your back.


Ben Hess, also known as, your new motivation man. He is very passionate about what he does and his Instagram clearly depicts that! Ben was always into photography but got into it seriously a couple of years ago. We love Ben’s Instagram because he is very authentic. Also, we totally feel inspired when we see his posts.

Top 5 Inspiring Instagram Accounts


We absolutely love this Instagram account because they are the opposite of basic. First of all, some of their posts are hilarious, so you know we love them. We appreciate their memes more than they know. Also, they do not know just post photos of cameras every day but switch it up with some videos and fun highlights of successful people in the industry.These five Instagram accounts are insanely inspiring and will help you be more productive in no time. Unless you are like us and just watched their hilarious memes. In other words, don’t be like us. If you ever need a crew, give us a call!