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What to Avoid When Shooting Outside | Crew Mama - Blog | Are you shooting a video outside soon? As the weather warms up, we love to get outside and have more shoots outside! We are sure that you feel the same way. However, when you are shooting outside there a couple of factors you will want to avoid. Crew Mama realizes you cannot control the outdoors, but you can purposely choose to not shoot in Antarctica!

What to Avoid When Shooting Outside

Tiny Spaces are Gonna be a No From us Dawg…

If we were squished together without crew and cameras, that would not end well for anyone. We work in close corners at our desks and that is already a lot, we could not imagine adding cameras into that mix! If you are outside you have ample amounts of places that have large areas to film shoots. Use them! Make sure your crew and cameras have enough space.

Avoid Busy Streets When Shooting Outside:

Let’s be honest, in most videos, not a single person wants to hear beeping the background. This could ruin your entire video, so definitely try to avoid a busier area, if the goal of your video is not to be in a busy city with lots of cars driving by!

It’s just drizzling…

Famous last words. We all wish it was just going to stay drizzling, but let’s be realistic here. The drizzle is going to turn into a downpour most likely, so be prepared for that. Weather can drastically affect your shoot day, so make sure you have the proper rain gear, if necessary. Also, if it is extremely sunny, bring sunscreen. The last thing you need is your whole crew getting sunburned and angry!

Speaking of Sun…

Natural light is your new boss. Unfortunately, nobody can control how the natural light is going to be on a certain day, so plan to test out different areas before you shoot the actual video. The Sun is also very inconsistent, so keep that in mind. At noon it may be powerful in your actor’s face, then at two it could barely existent.

What to Avoid When Shooting Outside

These are just a couple of factors to avoid when shooting outside! As beautiful as it may be outdoors, we still have to think of the issues that may arise. If you ever need a video production crew, give Crew Mama a call!