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What to Update While You’re Quarantined | Crew Mama | Blog - Your workflow has more than likely been interrupted by the quarantine. But have no fear -- This is the perfect time to update things! Crew Mama has your back. Here is a quick checklist to run through during this downtime:

Update Your Website While You're Quarantined

Have you not updated your website since 2005? We understand. Work gets so busy that those types of things get pushed so far down the to-do list. Eventually, we just forget about them completely, until times like this. A couple of ways you can update your website are by changing the layout, the fonts, or adding new screengrabs! Also, you may have new employees to add to your website or an updated description of your company is always great!

What to Update While You’re Quarantined

Update Your Screengrabs and Reels

As a video production company, you must have a million screengrabs, but have you added new ones to your website lately? We have not either, so do not be ashamed! However, we are updating this week while in quarantine, so we suggest you do as well! Adding new screengrabs and reels will help potential clients see the work that your company does. It is best to have your recent shoots, rather than screengrabs from the early 2000s of a shoot you can barely remember doing.

Clean Your Equipment

We know this isn’t necessarily updating anything, but cleaning your equipment while quarantined is definitely a great idea! Equipment gets so dusty and dirty when going from one shoot to another constantly. Take this week to clean it and make it look brand new! That way, when you are out of quarantine, your equipment will be amazing to use on your first shoot back at it!

What to Update While You’re Quarantined

Crew Mama doesn’t want to be in quarantine either, but unfortunately, we really do not have a choice, so we do not risk exposing ourselves to the coronavirus. We hope that you get around to updating some stuff while in quarantine! Check out some of our other Crew Mama blogs here!